Why is conflict training important for your team?
Conflict resolution training for your workforce is the single most important factor in creating successful outcomes to conflict, yet almost 60% of US employees have no professional training in this skillset. However, a stunning 95% of employees who receive conflict resolution training report that it helped them positively navigate conflict.

The cost of doing nothing.
Unresolved workplace conflict costs US companies approximately $350 billion in paid employee hours. The indirect expense can be measure in increased sick days, low morale and productivity, and employees ultimately leaving your company. Some measured costs include:

  • Five sick days a year to avoid conflict at work costs your company $700 per employee.
  • If 6 employees at salaries of $100,000 each are negatively impacted by a single ongoing conflict, it could cost your company $255,000 in decreased productivity.
  • Replacing a worker will cost you 150-200% more than their current salary and benefits.

Our training solutions.
Your customized training solution begins with a complimentary assessment of your company’s unique needs. Our team will then recommend a training package based on a careful analysis of this assessment. We help you decide which employees require what training modules, and package them into a solution that will benefit your entire organization. To schedule a complimentary assessment with one of our team leaders, contact us.

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