Mediators Without Borders, Inc. (MWB) is an international organization established in 1994 that offers Mediation & Arbitration Services, along with certifying practitioners. MWB has revolutionized the way conflicts are handled, and saves organizations in a dispute time, money and valued relationships. MWB charges reasonable rates and delivers the procedurally uniform INACCORD conflict analysis model for resolution. This approach is consistent from case to case and empirically proven fair. The final binding agreement focuses on an equitable solution to the issues and interests at hand, versus the personality or mood of the Mediator or Arbitrator. Email us, or call 1-877-BOULDER to schedule a complimentary and confidential assessment of your dispute for INACCORD mediation or arbitration. To learn more about our Certified Mediation, Arbitration or Restorative Justice programs, click here.

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