Arbitration disputes require a third-party neutral to render a fair and just award to the prevailing party. Arbitration is a confidential and binding method of conflict resolution. Our INACCORD arbitration offers not just a neutral judge, but a process that measures disputant satisfaction and understanding at every stage in the process.

Much like our mediation process, our unique INACCORD model of arbitration allows your team to schedule a case in affordable four-hour blocks of time. The intensive case management ensures that disputants arrive at the arbitration hearing prepared and committed to presenting a sound and reasoned case. The INACCORD model of arbitration differs from other providers’ processes in several ways:

  • Predictable: Offers a predictable process for every case
  • Efficient: Many arbitration sessions can be completed within 2 four-hour blocks
  • Measured: Complimentary Meta Analytics to help guide your ongoing business decisions

Schedule a Mediation or Arbitration:

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