“With INACCORD’s competitors, you do not know what you are going to get until you meet their independent mediators and follow their chosen model. This creates an unpredictable process completely dependent on the personality of the mediator.”  - Aviation Industry Attorney

Our unique INACCORD mediation model allows your team to schedule a case in an affordable and predictable four-hour block of time. The intensive case management ensures that disputants arrive at the mediation prepared and committed to working collaboratively on an equitable resolution. In contrast to arbitration and litigation, mediation is a non-binding process, up until the final agreement is signed by all parties. Our mediators empower disputants to take control of their own conflict resolution through facilitated, confidential dialogue. INACCORD differs from other providers' processes in several ways:

  • Predictable: Offers a consistent process for every case
  • Efficient: 97% of mediation sessions are completed within four hours
  • Measured: Complimentary Meta Analytics to help guide your ongoing business decisions

Schedule a Mediation or Arbitration:

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