Make MWB Your Company's Conflict Resolution Provider

Our alternative dispute resolution (ADR) clause is an agreement that can be placed in any of your company’s contracts with employees, customers or vendors, to detail the process by which parties will resolve their disputes. It specifies Mediators Without Borders as your personal provider of mediation and arbitration services. Our ADR clause will help your company:

  • Save time and money
  • Protect valued relationships from adversarial court proceedings
  • Empower disputing parties with flexibility and control in determining how to resolve conflicts

Our ADR clause helps all parties clearly understand, prior to signing, that any dispute must go through a written and defined procedure beginning with negotiation between the parties. If this proves unsuccessful, the parties agree to move to INACCORD mediation or arbitration. The clause does not prohibit litigation; it merely asserts that parties will attempt these less expensive means of conflict resolution first.

Our ADR clause can be used verbatim or customized under the guidance of your legal team, provided their changes meet Mediators Without Borders’ requirements.

We also recommend that you review any contract to which your company is bound, to ensure it contains a concise and enforceable ADR option. If not, we are available for consultation with the other party before you sign.

Schedule a Mediation or Arbitration:

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