My firm's INACCORD experience was excellent from start to finish. The outstanding coordination and preparation created an environment for a successful mediation. At mediation, all parties and their counsel understood the strengths, weaknesses and expectations of each side. As a result, the mediation was seamless with very little posturing and wasted energy. All parties came to mediation with a common goal i.e. a fair resolution and that goal was reached efficiently. INACCORD, in my opinion, is a sound mediation model operated by talented and motivated personnel.

Charlie Telfair, Esquire Plaintiff's Counsel

INACCORD is a refreshing and effective alternative to the commonplace mediation process. The pre-mediation preparation-particularly the interview of each party-resulted in a head start to resolution even before the mediation began. The momentum toward resolution continued from the very start of the mediation with the ultimate settlement being reached without the unnecessary posturing or unproductive positional bargaining. You should do yourself and at least one client the favor of the INACCORD experience. You very well may not want to go back to the traditional mediation format again.

David Corso, Esquire Defense Counsel

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